Boston Dentist | Are you not satisfied with your smile? If yes, then you can consider restoring your smile by undergoing restorative dentistry to help you protect your oral health. Treatments such as dental fillings and dental crowns enable you to keep the natural teeth. Learn more about restorative dentistry.  Below are five ways our Boston dentist will help save your smile.

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Dental Fillings

A dental filling is normally used to help restore your tooth due to a cavity. In case your dentist discovers there is a cavity during your appointment, they will have to drill the tooth matter decayed and thereafter fill the hole using a composite resin. Most patients are known to appreciate the fact that composite fillings match the natural tooth enamel color. This explains why white fillings are highly recommended for the teeth that show when you smile or talk.


Dental crowns also referred to as tooth caps do cover the whole visible portion of the tooth located above the gum line. It is important that you keep in mind that your dentist will help you remove tooth enamel to create room for the crown.  Thereafter, the dentist will have to take impressions of your teeth for lab testing. After a few weeks, the lab will have come up with your tooth crown.

There are times when the dentist might suggest you get a crown for any tooth that has been made fragile after a root canal or a large filling. There are times when you might want to consider the dental crown to cover any tooth with has been significantly discolored.

Dental Bridges

Just as the name suggests, a dental bridge is normally used to help in bridging the gap left by a missing tooth.  In order to qualify for a tooth bridge, you will need to have dental implants or healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. Restoration of the dental bridge comprises of a false tooth that is anchored by crowns on both sides.


In case you recently lost some teeth and you might contemplate on having either full or partial dentures. Several patients have previously reported of having a better life quality after they had been fitted with both the upper and/or lower dentures.  Apart from dentures helping you eat a more balanced diet, they can also provide you with more confidence whenever you talk or smile.

Dental Implants

In case you recently lost a tooth, you might be interested in asking your dentist on getting a single tooth implant. A dental implant refers to a titanium rod that is screwed on the jawbone and acts like a natural tooth root. After some months, the implant will fuse to the jawbone in what is referred to as the osseointegration. Thereafter, the dentist will put a dental crown and abutment over the implant providing you with the feel and look of a natural tooth.

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