Why Does Baby Teeth Matter?

Baby teeth come out after a child has passed their first year, but they must work hard to keep them in place for several more years (many up to 18). Healthy teeth are an important part of a child’s overall oral health. A child needs a strong, healthy set of adult teeth to be able […]

What Is Your Anxiety Or Panic Attacks?

What Is Your Anxiety Or Panic Attacks? If you are a victim of panic attacks and anxiety, then you must know how hard it is to find the right solution to help you with your calm dental fear. I know how your situation looks now and I am going to show you how you can […]

Proper Oral Hygiene and Brushing Teeth

Tooth brushing is simply the act of brushing teeth using a special toothbrush. With interdental cleaning, tooth brushing and interdental flossing are the most important parts of oral hygiene, one of the major aspects of proper oral health is proper oral care. One should not neglect to brush their teeth on a regular basis, but […]

What About Teeth: Baby’s Teeth Matter

What Do You Need to Know About Baby Teeth? Why Do They Matter? A recent study from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) concluded that tooth decay in infants is at “epidemic” levels. With continued sippy cup and sugary drink consumption on the increase, pediatric dentists and parents alike realize that dental care must begin […]

Boston Dentist: Restore Your Smile

Boston Dentist | Are you not satisfied with your smile? If yes, then you can consider restoring your smile by undergoing restorative dentistry to help you protect your oral health. Treatments such as dental fillings and dental crowns enable you to keep the natural teeth. Learn more about restorative dentistry.  Below are five ways our […]

Boston Dental Implants: What is Implant Dentistry?

Dental Implants | Missing teeth affects chewing capabilities, and can affect a patient’s self confidence. Luckily, there are options to restore your smile and dental implants is the permanent solution. Although some patients delay replacing their teeth, we suggest otherwise. Patients are highly recommended to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Unnatural teeth shifting, […]