Dental Exam Boston MA

Dental Exam Boston MA | Good oral health begins with a dental exam. Routine exams ensure that your smile is healthy while identifying potential issues. We encourage our patients to maintain their exams and check-ups. But, do you know why you should? Read below to learn about the exam process and its importance.

Dental Exam Boston MA

What is a dental exam?

A dental exam includes a thorough evaluation of the teeth, gums, mouth and jaw structure. In summary, the dentist will check for:

– Damaged, missing, and decayed teeth
– Cavities
– Periodontal disease
– Bruxism
– Face, neck, and jaw bone structure
– Previous dental work
– Oral cancer
– Oral cysts
– Teeth position

Dental X-rays may be taken to learn more about your oral health as well. Common X-rays include:

Bite-Wing X-rays – which display the upper and lower molars.
Periapical X-rays – focuses on one or two teeth.
Occlusal X-rays – shows the entire arch of the upper and/or lower jaw.
Panoramic X-rays – shows the entire mouth in a single image.

In addition, your medical history is reviewed. Upon the findings, the dentist will recommend treatment options that best meet your needs. Finally, a dental cleaning is usually followed or could be scheduled for a later date.

Why is a dental exam important?

Routine dental exams detect underlying issues before they become severe. For example, a dentist can detect small cavities and seal them. This prevents serious tooth decay and root canal treatments. Patients are reminded that pain is not always associated with a dental issue. Therefore, maintaining routine dental exams is vital for good oral health.

How often should I have a dental exam?

New patients will need a dental exam before undergoing any procedure. However, existing patients will require a dental exam every 12 months, unless otherwise informed.

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Dental Exam Boston MA |As mentioned above, a dental exam leads to good oral health. Learn more on how to improve your oral health by contacting us. Mayani Dental Group can be reached at (617) 330-8887. Also, visit us at 1 International Place 7th Floor Boston, MA 02110.